Die Cutting Machine

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Die cutting is the process of cutting paper into required shapes. The shapes that can be given to different materials are eye-catching and unique. The designs from these machines can be one-of-a-kind and are used for attractive packaging. They allow you to successfully produce high volumes with consistency and speed. Senior Paper Packaging Machinery Mfg. Co. is one of the most respected Die Cutting Machine Manufacturers. Our machines have carved a unique place for themselves because of their quality and durability.

Why Buy Our Die Cutting Machines?

  • Uniformity - The level of uniformity in products is unmatched when the product is manufactured with die cutting machines.
  • Speed - The speed with which they work serves as a great boost for production. Other methods are considerably slower and less precise.
  • Minimal Waste - The waste that is produced during other methods is much more than the amount of waste produced from this machine. It saves both money and time.

We are counted among the best Die Cutting Machinery Exporters and Suppliers in India. The combination of technology and skill has allowed us to create outstanding products. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


  • The most celebrated feature of the machine is that it comes with 4 No Graded En-24 Shafts.
  • Helical steel gears equipped with steel pinion are present on both the sides of the machine.
  • The main driving double set comes with the double helical gears.
  • Appreciable features of the machine include that it has fine adjustment devices equipped for register setting pressure.
  • The machine has the feature of being equalized along With the Worm Gear (Steel) Up to Microns Left Right Up Down (With All Eccentric Cam).
  • The corners of the platen are all steel graded and are levelled to easy make ready position.
  • All the Pins of the machine are made according to the ground level. * Bushes From Phosphorous Bronze.
  • It also has adjustable chases to easily affix dies that can interchange die within 2 minutes, which further save your time and ease your work.
  • The machine is equipped with a failsafe combination of an electromagnetic clutch that is adjustable up to a microsystem that comes with star delta operation & control panel (brand-Schneider/Siemens Only).
  • SKF/NBC/FAG bearing are only used in the machine.
  • The press operator gets increased time to feed because of the Fastest Platen Opening (85 Degree) that is offered by the machine.
  • The movable foot break system and the sensor attachments deliver greater productivity.
  • There are different sensors that are attached to the machine for timer, digital counter and breaks, etc.
  • The switches installed in the machine are a better replacement against the traditional Limit Switches & Micro Switches.
  • The panels and electrical components in the machine belong to Schneider/ Siemens/r.